What Are Some Useful Kitchen Tools?

Kitchens Tools

How many times have you found yourself cooking but using the wrong kitchen tools?  Sometimes it’s just inconvenient but other times it can be a little dangerous.  Cooking and baking requires a lot of chopping, cutting, slicing, dicing and blending.  The best way to get that done properly is to use the proper tools.  So what are the right tools to have in your home kitchen?

Handy Kitchen Tools To Have On Hand

Three thoughts should be kept separate when you are looking at kitchen tools:

1.  Do I need it?

2.  Can I afford it?

3.  Where will I store it?

This list may seem basic but we all have drawers filled with assorted utensils and tools that we never use.  In some cases, we never even figured out what they were meant to do.  Kitchen space is valuable and you shouldn’t keep a tool just because you think you might need it someday.  Use it of loose it!  There is a popular TV cooking host who insists that you should never have a single use kitchen tool, every utensil should be able to do multiple tasks.  That sounds good, although it may not be practical.  I’m not sure what a cutting board can be used for besides cutting, but you should always look for kitchen tools that can do an assortment of kitchen chores.

What Are The Basic Kitchen Tools?

Keeping in mind that cooking and baking will use a lot of the same kitchen tools and utensils, there are some basic kitchen tools that you should have.  You don’t have to break the bank, but you should look for good quality pieces that will withstand a lot of use:

*Measuring cups-both dry and liquid measurements

*Measuring spoons

*Mixing bowls

*Wooden spoons

*Spatulas-turners and scrapers

*Stand Mixer-a hand mixer will do but a stand mixer is better

*Oven mitts



Kitchen Tongs

This is just a starting point and I am sure that you have already thought of a few other items that you need to have.  That’s fine, there is not a rigid set of rules that applies to outfitting your kitchen.  Experienced cooks and bakers will have certain tools that they won’t live without, while others may feel comfortable with just a few basic utensils.

Baking Tools Versus Cooking Tools

While most kitchen tools are used for both cooking and baking, there are a few that designed for specific tasks.  Bakers need oven mitts and cooling trays while cooks need slotted spoons.  When you are buying tools for your kitchen, be sure to pay attention to what you are actually preparing for meals.

Cooking and baking are wonderful activities and there can be real pleasure in presenting a well prepared meal to friends and family.  Make your life much easier in the kitchen by having the right assortment of kitchen tools.

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