Vospeed 3 In 1 Stand Mixer Combination

Vospeed 3 In 1 Stand Mixer Combination

This is truly an all purpose kitchen appliance. At its core, it’s a sturdy, powerful stand mixer and it can handle any mixing chore that you give it.  However, it also can be a blender and a food grinder, making it an extremely versatile countertop appliance.  Many stand mixers have attachments that can be purchased that allow you to use the motor to grind foods, but both the grinding attachment and the blender attachment are included with this mixer.

Vospeed Stand Mixer Components

A Stand Mixer, A Grinder And A Blender

You don’t need to buy separate attachments with this stand mixer to make this a true 3 in 1 appliance.  Included with this unit is a stand mixer with a powerful 850 watt motor that has 6 speeds.  The mixer has a large 7 1/2 quart stainless steel bowl and a removable splash guard. 3 mixing attachments are included, a whisk, a kneading hook and a flat beater.  All three are well made and work for just about any mixing chore that you can think of.

The blender attachment has a 1 1/2 liter glass mixing jar.  This is large enough to make a batch of smoothies or ice drinks and it can be tossed in the dishwasher when it needs cleaning.  The drip proof lid also goes right into the dishwasher.

The grinding attachment clips onto the motor hub on the front of the mixer and there are two separate grinding discs.  This is a great tool to have in any kitchen.  You can mix your own sausage blends or grind meat when the recipe calls for it.

Uses Of The Vospeed Stand Mixer

This unit is very well made and feels sturdy.  The mixing bowl latches onto the base so that the unit is secure when mixing.  The base has grip pads that help to keep it form moving around on the countertop.  There is a tilt feature that allows you to tilt the mixer head up and back, making it much easier to add ingredients to the bowl and to scrape down the sides.

6 speeds are available with this mixer and that is plenty.  There are some mixers that have up to 12 speeds but there isn’t a need for that many options.  Having 6 speeds means that you can do everything from whisking egg whites to kneading bread dough.  The grinding tool has three speed options, as does the blender.

Do you need all of these attachments?  The blender is a great add on and you may be surprised at how often you use it.  The meat grinder is more specialized, but you are not paying a surcharge to have it.  This entire package usually retails for less than $170, making it an excellent value for a kitchen tool.  A good blender can run up to $100 and a good stand mixer can cost hundreds of dollars alone.  Buying this package can be a good use of your kitchen budget dollars.

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