Stainless Steel Baking Sheet Set With Silicone Mats

Stainless Steel Baking Sheet Set

A search through the cupboards of an experienced baker will always find a stainless steel baking sheet set that shows some good use.  Whether they have been used for baking cookies or brownies, or maybe for bread or sheet cakes, having the right baking sheets are important.  The ability to have sheets with matching silicone baking mats and cooling racks makes the whole set up even better.

A Stainless Steel Baking Sheet Set By McIrco

Kitchen tools should serve two purposes.  They should make your life in the kitchen easier and they should help you turn out delicious foods.  This stainless steel baking sheet set, manufactured by McIrco, does both and does both things very well.

Silicone baking mats have been popular for a few years and they are excellent tools for baking cookies or other foods that can sometimes stick to a baking sheet.  While the right utensils can usually get most foods off of a sheet, a silicone mat keeps any food from sticking.  All three of the pans in this stainless steel baking sheet set have matching silicone mats that are fitted for that sheet.  No more sticking foods or burnt messes, and clean up is a snap.

Sheets, Mats And Racks

This is a set, you get a total of nine pieces that are designed to work together.  Each of the baking sheets are made from premium stainless steel.  They won’t warp, even when exposed to high temps for a long time.  The matching silicone baking sheet fits perfectly into the sheet and has circles that help you place the cookie dough on each sheet.  The silicone is durable and can handle temperatures up to 500 degrees.

The last piece in each set is a stainless steel cooling rack.  These are multi-purpose racks that can be used outside of the oven to cool cookies or with the sheet as a way to lift food, like bacon, off of the sheet.  It’s surprising how often you can use a cooling rack.

Stainless Steel Baking Sheet Tray Cooling Rack with Silicone Baking Mat Set, Cookie Pan with Cooling Rack, Set of 9 (3 Sheets + 3 Racks + 3 Mats), Non Toxic, Heavy Duty & Easy Clean

The three sizes are a nice option, you often need a smaller sheet for some recipes.  Having both the silicone mat and the rack match in size makes life much easier when you are baking or roasting foods.  All of the pieces are easy to clean.  The sheets and racks can go in the dishwasher (although hand washing is better) and the silicone mats wipe off with warm water.

Should You Buy These Baking Sheets?

Yes, if you bake and like the convenience of matching pieces that will help your baking.  No if you only need one size pan or if you do large batches that require multiple baking sheets of the same size.  However, with this set you get a nice assortment of baking sheets, silicone mats and cooling racks for a very reasonable price.  You would spend a lot more money buying these pieces individually.

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