Cuisinart Toaster Broiler Oven

Cuisinart Toaster Broiler Oven

Compact and extremely well made, this toaster oven with a broiler made by Cuisinart is a great addition to any home kitchen set up.  Toaster ovens are often overlooked when it comes to kitchen appliances, but they are wonderful kitchen tools to have on hand.  They can bake, roast and broil just like a traditional full sized oven but without having to heat up your entire house.

Cuisinart-A Great Name In Kitchen Appliances

Cuisinart Compact Toaster Broiler Oven

Cuisinart began in 1971 and soon become the brand of choice of many celebrity chefs.  Stressing high quality, the appliances were designed with home cooks in mind and became known for their high standards of quality.  This toaster oven continues that tradition and is a great addition to any kitchen.  It’s small footprint makes it a very good countertop appliance.

The actual cooking and baking is performed by an 1800 watt high performance cooking element.  This unit is powerful enough to cook any foods for a long time at a high temperature.  People who are unfamiliar with toaster ovens tend to think they can’t handle long baking projects, but that is not true.  You can bake or roast foods for almost any length of time and end up with great results.

There are two heating elements in this oven, one for baking and one for broiling.  Broiling foods in a traditional oven can be awkward, it takes time to heat the broiler, you need to move racks and it’s difficult to watch the progress.  That’s not the case here.  The elements heats quickly, you don’t need to adjust the rack and you can watch the progress through the tempered glass oven front.

Using The Cuisinart Toaster Broiler Oven

Durable Stainless Steel Construction

You want your kitchen tools to last, they need to be durable.  This is certainly the case with this toaster oven.  The handle is designed to stay cool, even if the oven has been on high for a while.  The glass door is tempered glass and allows you to watch the progress of your meal.  The rack and the crumb tray both slide out easily, making it simple to clean the cooking compartment.

If you are not familiar with a toaster oven, the main question that you may have is what can you use it for?  Basically, you can use it for anything that you use your oven for.  You are limited by the small baking compartment, but you can fit an 11″ pizza in the Cuisinart oven and most baking sheets under 13″ will fit.  If you are baking a lasagna, this oven will work just fine.  Baking cookies?  This is the perfect tool for baking cookies in smaller batches.

You won’t be able to roast a turkey in your toaster oven or slow cook a roast.  Those dishes are better served by your traditional oven, but almost every other type of baking and roasting can be done with this appliance.  Cuisinart is known for top quality and this oven can usually be found for under $100, making this a very good value.

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