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Kitchen Tongs

Check in your utensil drawer in your kitchen and I bet you will find at least one set of tongs. These surprisingly versatile kitchen tools can do a lot, just ask any experienced cook. Kitchen tongs are an efficient and practical, they are kitchen tools that are truly multi purpose. They have evolved from being simple utensils used for just picking up foods into helpful tools that you can use to stir foods, flip foods and other kitchen chores.

Today, tongs are made in many different shapes and from many different materials. They are normally used when working in the kitchen to pick up foods, such as hot pasta, or to flip foods, such a grilled steak.  However, tongs can easily be used to stir the pasta as well as pick it up.  It can be used as an anchor on the steak when you are slicing the meat.  It really is a multi purpose utensil.

Popco Tong Set

Kitchen Tongs Can Be Made Of Many Different Materials

Some kitchen tongs are made from stainless steel, while others are made from heavy duty plastic or silicone rubber. The stainless steel variety is ideal for tough, dirty kitchen tasks because it does not get rusted, even if you drop it on the floor of your kitchen.  The downside to stainless steel is that it can scratch metal bowls and peel plastic bowls.

Plastic and silicone rubber kitchen tongs are good for softer surfaces because they do not slip and they are easy to keep clean. They won’t scratch the surfaces of any bowls or plates that you are using and are quite durable.  Plastic and rubber can be prone to tearing and peeling after heavy use.  When this happens, you run the risk of small pieces of plastic falling into your food.

Hotec Stainless Steel Tong SetYou will want to have tongs that come in different lengths.  Think about grilling on a good sized grill surface.  If you have a 12″ set of tongs you don’t have to expose so much of your arm to the open heat.  Longer tongs are helpful if you are picking food or stirring food in a deep bowl.  Smaller tongs work great for lifting foods out of a bowl or pot.  Being smaller, they are lighter in weight and easier to handle.

You will find that it is best to have a few tongs in your home kitchen, they are great utensils.  You can have a mixture of stainless steel and steel with plastic or silicone grips, tongs are usually inexpensive.  Just make sure to use them and clean them properly, they will last a long time and handle a lot of kitchen us.

Hinmay Kitchen Tong Set

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